I first visited Nepal with my parents and siblings over the Christmas holidays in 1960 when the country was relatively isolated and the first motor road from India was still under construction. We were living in Ghaziabad, just outside of Delhi, and attending Woodstock. I was a sophomore in high school and my sister, having graduated from high school in June of 1960, worked for six months at the Shanta Bhawan mission hospital in Patan, just outside of Kathmandu. We drove a 1958 Edsel station wagon -- maybe the only Edsel in India, without a spare tire. It took us four long days, but they were sure worth the effort!

I next went to Nepal as a Peace Corps volunteer, from 1967-69, in Nepal's 14th Peace Corps group (N/14). My group was assigned to rural locations around the country to work in district-level development offices as construction overseers. I was posted to Jaleswar, a small town on the Indian border southeast of Kathmandu and the "county-seat" of Mohattari district which extended north to the foothills. Jaleswar is at an altitude of 250' above sea level, yet on a clear day Mt. Everest, 60 miles north as the crow flies, was visible from my front porch. Seeing those massive snow covered mountains for the first time was an awesome sight.

After my volunteer assignment I served as an associate Peace Corps director (regional officer) for Nepal's eastern region from 1969-72. I worked out of Kathmandu but traveled extensively, often on foot, throughout the eastern part of Nepal. In 1981, I returned to Kathmandu with my wife and new daughter, Lillian, as the Peace Corps country director and served until the end of 1983. These pictures are from these periods of my life.