This Web site contains many of my family's, and my, pictures collected over my lifetime. I scanned many of these from the original 35mm slides or prints my father took before and during my lifetime and those I took before the advent of digital cameras. My North Korea pictures are the first I took with a digital camera -- one of the original Kodak models. Most of my India and Nepal slides were taken between 1940 and 2000 and some of the family pictures are much older. Others are of years spent in the US or traveling to and from the US and South Asia. Some, of course, are of family events, and some were taken by other members of my immediate and extended families in the US or during their many travels.

So, why India & Nepal? The short story is that my father, Henry Ankeny Lacy, was born and grew up as a 4tth generation missionary kid in Fuzhou, China and returned to China in 1945 during the final year of WWII with the Office of Strategic Services. My mother, Elizabeth Pickett Lacy, was born and grew up as a third generation missionary kid in India. They met when they were students at Whittier College in California and married there in 1940. With China now closed they shortly found themselves in India as Methodist missionaries and by 1947 had three children -- Ruth, Jessie, and me. My two brothers (Doug and Brent) were born in Detroit while we were on furlough in the early 50s, and we returned to India in 1953. The five of us children attended Woodstock School in north India (Mussoorie), where my mother and her siblings schooled, while my parents worked in Moradabad and Ghaziabad, U.P. I, in turn, found myself in Nepal with the Peace Corps immediately after college and ended up working there on and off for nine years. North Korea is on the list because I worked there with CARE and the Word Food Program in 1998 and Indonesia because I had an extended vacation in Bali and Sulawesi in early 2009.